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Potted Plants
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Chinese Evergreen

Aglaonema, which is also known as Chinese evergreen, can be grown anywhere in almost any conditions. If you need to give a housewarming gift tolerate a wide range of light, this is the perfect plant. Low-light is not a problem, and though it prefers a hig

Price: $39.99

Get Well Soon

Long lasting and beautiful indoor Anthurium plant, presented in a white tin pot. Great gift idea for birthdays, thank you or get well. Both Men and Woman will love this tropical plant.

Price: $30.00

Gorgeous Orchid

beautiful Pink Orchid decorated with river stones in an elegant tin vase, (Medium)

Price: $49.99

Green For Ever

Two modern Succulents bowls...a low maintenance gift, just mist them with water them every once in a while and make sure they can get lots of light.

Price: $64.99

Grow Together

Sweet-Pink-Basket (med)

Price: $44.99

Herb Garden

Bring a little outside to your Kitchen with this wonderful Herb Garden. (Medium-Large)

Price: $49.99

Hot Pink Azalea

Our beautiful dark pink azalea makes a stunning gift or addition to your home d├ęco.

Price: $49.99


Kalanchoe-Succulent-Garden (Medium)

Price: $49.99

Living Wall Planter

Stunning wall planter. Made to order. Plants barry.(Large)

Price: $359.99

Modern Love

breathtaking rectangular mirrored Succlent dish (Medium)

Price: $89.99

Peace lilly

Our Peace Lilies are delivered in a conservative ceramic pot, perfect for any home or office. The Peace lily is an appropriate gift for any occasion, is easy to care for and lasts for years.

Price: $49.99


little Rosemary-Tree compliments any Kitchen Decor (Small)

Price: $35.00

Rustic Garden

A rustic basket of live, blooming plants and greenery. Selection and design changes daily and with the seasons. Starting at $60. As shown: $75.

Price: $75.99

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